Prakash Gautam – Academic Director
Prakash leads the LPC team. He has a Post Graduate Diploma and a Masters Degree with Distinction in Hospitality Management from University of West London. Prakash has over 10 years of experience in the Hospitality Industry and served as a Chief Examiner, Quality Assurance Consultant to a reputed Awarding Body in the UK.
Jeny Gautam – Managing Director
Jeny is responsible for managing LPC. She works with our teachers and students to ensure that our classes are as fun, educational and challenging as they can possibly be. Jeny started her teaching and learning experiences soon after she arrived in London in July 2000. Her teaching career as a Primary school teacher started in 2004 after completing BA degree at University of West London and then PGCE at Brunel University in 2008. Jeny moved to the further and higher education in 2011 after completing TEFL at Kingston University. She understands that students have different needs and abilities, taking into account different learning styles, tailoring teaching methods to those needs including multilingual delivery of courses.