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 We offer face to face small group or one to one preparation sessions for Speaking & Listening, SERU and Topogrphical Skills Assessment.  Call us today to secure your place !

English Language Requirement and SERU Assessment

TfL introduced English Language requirement in October 2016. Two separate assessments are used to determine whether an applicant meets the B1 English Language Requirement.

Reading and Writing Assessment

The Safety, Equality and Regulatory Understanding (SERU) assessment will be used to determine an applicant’s ability to read and write in English to an appropriate level as well as to determine their understanding of safety, equality and regulatory matters.

TfL will use the SERU assessment to assess an applicants’ reading and writing skills.  

The SERU assessment is based on information contained in the PHV Driver’s Handbook, which is intended to ensure applicants have the appropriate understanding of safety, equality and regulatory requirements that apply to London PHV drivers. 

Speaking and Listening Test

The speaking and listening test consists of a 15-20 minute conversation.

The assessment will be undertaken at a TfL Driver Assessment Centre via a secure video or telephone link to our service provider, PeopleCert. 

We offer face to face preparation sessions for Speaking & Listening and SERU assessment. 

Both assessments will need to be passed in order for an applicant to demonstrate that they can communicate in English at an appropriate level.

Topographical Skills Assessment

In addition to B1 level English language, all Private Hire Driver Licence applicants requireed to pass Topographical Skills assessment. The assessment will be computer based, so the applicants will need a basic understanding of how to use a mouse. 

Assessment Structure

The assessment will test all aspects of map reading skills:
• Using indexes to identify points/locations
• Using a map to identify directions and points/locations
• To plan a route between two locations
• To demonstrate knowledge of compass points within directional
based questions

Topographical testing is currently undertaken at the TfL driver assessment centres at Pier Walk and West Kensington Test Centres.

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Anyone who applied for a new PHV driver’s licence on or after 1 April 2023 is required to take and pass both the English language speaking and listening test and SERU assessment before they can be licensed.

Drivers must satisfy the ELR by taking and passing a speaking and listening test and the SERU assessment is used to assess their reading and writing skills.

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